Hey Guys, Just a quick post. I thought I’d let you know how it’s going with the Hayden Hawke Guide review…

In short: It’s an awesome product called The Secret Gold Guide and it’s based upon how a girl called Hayden Hawke actually makes up to 1000 gold per hour and more. As a fairly experienced WoW player to be honest I was a bit sceptical at first. I heard about the Hayden Hawke Guide through the grapevine but I still didn’t believe it was all it was cracked to be.

I mean common… I bought gold guides in the past and to be honest they were shoddy to say the least. Most of them just told be basic boring information which i already knew anyway. I thought I already most if not all of the ways to make gold in world of warcraft.

Well, I guess I thought wrong because this ‘Guide’ seems to have amazed everyone, even Blizzard can’t touch you on this one, It’s not cheating in any way and won’t get you banned from your server. It’s just the most complete and comprehensive guide available today for wow players to make huge amounts more gold.

I played one of characters in wow again this morning ( I am working night shifts at the moment so I like to play wow when I get home ), when I checked in I had 235K gold. Just two hours later when before I logged off I had made over 2000 gold more and I hadn’t even been to the auction house and was not going solely for gold I was just playing the game… but in the manner I have got used to from following the Secret Gold Guide.

The full review of The Hayden Hawke Guide will be up soon – I promise! And it’s going to be the most complete review on the net so make sure you keep checking back. I’m also going to be revealing a few tricks right here that you can use in wow to get more gold and level faster, so check back soon!

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